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Saddle Up | All Natural Shave Bar No Palm Oil, Vegan, Eco Friendly

Saddle Up | All Natural Shave Bar No Palm Oil, Vegan, Eco Friendly

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 As if our obsession with Yellowstone wasn't bad enough, this scent will have you ready to saddle up! 
It's a complex blend of leather and saldalwood, sweetened by bourbon and vanilla. This one trends to be on the masculine side, but I'm not above loving a good man scent. Whether you're buying it for your husband or going to use it yourself, I promise this western scent will have you riding off into the sunset smoother than ever!


Sure, that stuff you squirt out of a can is convenient to use when you need to shave. But do you know what's in that can? Can you pronounce all, or any of the ingredients? Your skin is your largest organ, it's time to take care of it and stop slathering on chemicals.

Our nourishing shave bar will not only help you achieve a close shave, but it will also protect your skin, leaving it as smooth as a baby's bottom. That's such a weird thing to compare your cleanly shaven face to, but you get my drift. 


The oils we used are nothing short of a power house combo. Olive and Coconut, antioxidants, antibacterial, moisturizer and after-sun treatment. Then we added not one, not two, but THREE butters, you can never have enough butter. Kokum, Cocoa and Shea to help rejuvenate damaged skin cells and reduce razor irritation and bumps.

We switched up the recipe and used coconut milk instead of goats milk, this way even our vegan friends can enjoy some of the smoothest skin ever! The coconut milk is high levels of Vitamin C which helps maintain elasticity. It's also high in copper which can prevent wrinkles, sagging skin and age spots.
All finished off with an unparalleled skin detox and purification from the activated charcoal. Removing toxins and giving you the deepest cleanse.  

That can of foam or gel is easy, but take a look and the label next time you go to schmear some on that beautiful face of yours. You deserve to know exactly what you are putting on your body. This nourishing shave bar might not come in fun colors, but this stuff will love you right back!

We not only want to provide great skin care, but also leave the earth a better place. 

Glaistig Homestead is a small family homestead located in Texas.
We focus on small batch, hand crafted soaps and each bar is hand cut. Bars weigh between 3-4oz. 
There are limited quantities, however we do take orders if you would like to purchase a full batch, 10 bars.

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