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Old Man Winter | Mint, Eucalyptus & Vanilla, All Natural Goat MilkSoap

Old Man Winter | Mint, Eucalyptus & Vanilla, All Natural Goat MilkSoap

$7.50 Regular Price
$6.00Sale Price

You know that moment, right as it begins to snow? You peek outside, and it's absolutely silent. You take a deep breath in, the chill is so strong you can feel it down in your lungs. That's him, Old Man Winter has arrived. 

I know, you're probably asking yourself, what does SHE know about WINTER, living in Central Texas?
Let me tell ya, I grew up on the east coast and have shoveled my fair share of driveways and sidewalks, I've had more snowball fights than I can count and went sledding till I couldn't feel my face! So while I enjoy my mild winters now being a Texan, I've had LOTS of run in's with Old Man Winter. 

We captured the crisp, fresh coolness by combining mint and eucalyptus. Slightly herbaceous, but extremely refreshing, these two might be the winter all stars when it comes to scents. 
Then we added a base of subtle vanilla, I know this may sound odd to some. But as a kid, looking outside and seeing snow made for the sweetest day ever. We want you to enjoy this refreshing winter soap, but warmly, inside. No frozen toes or runny noses, just skin loving, and aromatically stunning soap! 

We have perfected a mixture of oils and butters that are packed full of Vitamins and fatty acids. The fatty acids help restore the skins protective barrier and replace lost moisture. Helping keep your skin hydrated through these cold and dry winter months. 

In addition you will also have the vitamin trio of E, A and C which all work together to regenerate and soothe your skin. This bar is packed full of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to keep your skin healthy, germ free and glowing. We even added activated charcoal for a little added detox!

As a final touch we have the goats milk full of alpha-hydroxy acids and selenium, which remove dead skin cell and can help prevent damage to the skin from excessive time in the sun. So you will be actively healing and protecting your skin, this truly is an all in one bar!

Don't forget to add one of our Cedar Soap decks to your order! Not only are they stunning, but they will keep your soap high and dry, giving you the best performance and extending the life of the soap. 


Glaistig Homestead is a small family homestead located in Texas. 
We focus on small batch, hand crafted soaps and each bar is hand cut. Bars weigh between 3-4oz. This listing is for 1 bar, color and pattern may vary from the pictures shown. Swirls tend to do their own thing and each bar is it's own work of art. 
There are limited quantities, however we do take orders if you would like to purchase a full batch, 10bars.

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