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Mahogany Woods ~ A blend of Bourbon, Vanilla, Clary Sage and Cognac | All Natura

Mahogany Woods ~ A blend of Bourbon, Vanilla, Clary Sage and Cognac | All Natura

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I struggled to not name this soap, yummy man, because that is the perfect description. 

Top notes of fresh mahogany, blood orange, and red pepper
 with mid notes of clary sage and cognac
 on a base of bourbon, vanilla, golden amber and sandalwood.
Imagine wearing a perfectly tailored suit, sitting on a leather chair in your personal library, sipping on bourbon...that is the exact embodiment of this bar of soap. 
If you are into complex, luxurious yet masculine smells, or if you have a guy in your life that you want to help smell amazing, this is your soap!

*Note, this batch I used orange and blue, so the photos will differ slightly*

We have perfected a mixture of oils and butters that are packed full of Vitamins and fatty acids. The fatty acids help restore the skins protective barrier and replace lost moisture. In addition you will also have the vitamin trio of E, A and C which all work together to regenerate and soothe your skin. This bar is packed full of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to keep your skin healthy and glowing. 

As a final touch we have the goats milk full of alpha-hydroxy acids and selenium, which remove dead skin cell and can help prevent damage to the skin from excessive time in the sun. 



olive oil, coconut oil, mica, fragrance oil, essential oil, lard, coconut milk, goat milk, castor oil, shea butter, kokum butter, sodium hydroxide

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