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Lotion Bar | All Natural, Organic Zero Waste

Lotion Bar | All Natural, Organic Zero Waste


There is nothing worse than having a bottle of lotion pop open in your bag and get all over everything. Well, maybe there is, have you looked at the ingredients of that lotion that you're slathering all over yourself? Sure, it may be a popular scent and even give you the illusion of making your skin healthy. But is it?


We have solved both problems, our lotion bars will never pop open and ooze all over your bag and it's contents AND it's made with all organic, and well known, skin loving products!


We've just started making them, so currently we only have four scents to choose from, however they are three of our most requested, Patchouli (Hippie Bee) and Lavender (Calm Bee), Bullets and Bourbon (Loaded Bee) and Fancy Bee, which is a fruity and floral combination, one of our best sellers with the soap scents. 


Your skin deserves to be treated like the Queen Bee, go ahead and join our movement for REAL clean skin care, no mystery ingredients and no greenwashing. Just products made with care, so you can show your skin some love!



Bees Wax

Coconut Oil

Shea Butter

Vitamin E (made with sunflower oil)

Patchouli/Lavender Essential Oil"
(Fancy Bee and Loaded Bee contain some fragrance oil)



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