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Eucalyptus & Mint

Eucalyptus & Mint

$7.50 Regular Price
$6.00Sale Price

This soap is stress relief in a bar. The eucalyptus is fresh, cool, calming and refreshing, while the mint adds a burst of energy. This soap is perfect for clearing your head, methphorcally and literally. 
If you're struggling with sinus troubles this soap will help soothe your respiatory system and have you taking nice deep breaths.  This has become my go to to keep around for cold and flu season. The combination of a hot shower and this soap will help you get back on your feet in no time. 


We have perfected a mixture of oils and butters that are packed full of Vitamins and fatty acids. The fatty acids help restore the skins protective barrier and replace lost moisture. In addition you will also have the vitamin trio of E, A and C which all work together to regenerate and soothe your skin. This bar is packed full of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to keep your skin healthy and glowing. 

As a final touch we have the goats milk full of alpha-hydroxy acids and selenium, which remove dead skin cell and can help prevent damage to the skin from excessive time in the sun. 


Glaistig Homestead is a small family homestead located in Texas.
We focus on small batch, hand crafted soaps and each bar is hand cut. Bars weigh between 3-4oz. 
There are limited quantities, however we do take orders if you would like to purchase a full batch, 10 bars.

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