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Anti Aging- Avocado, Aloe and Shea face bar ~ Who's The Fairest

Anti Aging- Avocado, Aloe and Shea face bar ~ Who's The Fairest

$7.50 Regular Price
$6.00Sale Price

Everyone wants to stop the hands of time, to stay young and keep your skin looking as such. 
While this amazing face bar won't turn you into a Disney Princess, or villain if that's your thing, after using it you will definitely feel like the fairest of them all!

We used whole leaf aloe, from our very own plants and fresh avocado. Both help hydrate and replenish your skin, while shielding skin from ultraviolet radiation. It can also help with acne, scars and dry skin. 
Fresh goat milk, full of alpha-hydroxy acids which help remove dead skin cells. 
Along with vitamin A to help repair damaged skin, activated charcoal to help detoxify, and finally selenium which can help prevent damage to the skin from excessive time in the sun. 
Whether summer or winter, Disney Princess or the Evil Queen, this face bar will nourish your skin and truly make you, the fairest one of all!

For the oils we kept them soothing and high in regenerative qualities, tallow, shea butter and avocado oil provide a protective barrier to keep moisture in so your skin stays hydrated. 

The scent is combination of basil, bergamot and lavender. Energizing, yet calming.

Don't forget to add one of our Cedar Soap decks to your order! Not only are they stunning, but they will keep your soap high and dry, giving you the best performance and extending the life of the soap. 


We take the greatest pride in sourcing organic and sustainable products to make our soap. 
We not only want to provide great skin care, but also leave the earth a better place. 

Glaistig Homestead is a small family homestead located in Texas. 
We focus on small batch, hand crafted soaps and each bar is hand cut. Bars weigh between 3-4oz. 
There are limited quantities, however we do take orders if you would like to purchase a full batch, 12 bars.

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