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I've sat here and stared at this blank screen for days...over a week if I'm being completely honest.

The first blog post on our new website seems so daunting. It needs to be captivating, engaging and most of all make people want to read more.

Wait, more?

That means, more blog posts, multiple captivating, entertaining and educational posts?!

At this point I could allow myself to spin out. Completely aghast at the epic task ahead of me.

But adventure and writing are what feeds my soul.

My head tells me that even if this ends up in a total crash and burn, at least it will make for a great story.

And as far as track records go, I've not yet crashed and burned, but I have managed to craft a life full of adventure.

As with any good story, there is always a need for a backstory. How did we get here, who are we and what's going on? These are some of the questions I'm going to answer in the first series of blog posts.

I hope you'll subscribe and follow along with our journey.


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