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Let the adventure begin...

If you're just joining us on this journey, I'd recommend a quick binge session to catch up on who we are and how we ended up here.

So why make a website and blog, aren't there enough social media platforms to use?

There are plenty of options, but my personal dreams for our farm are bigger, and less restricting than the current offerings of social media.

Remember how I'm a freedom loving rebel?

Well, after one too many toxic election cycles, I find myself pulling away for the mainstream offerings. I crave a place where I can share our journey, our daily happenings, educate and hopefully help others.

I don't want followers, I actually hate that term. Each person is one of a kind, as such, each person's journey and path will also be one of a kind. There may be times where we are moving parallel, or even have some overlap, but I don't believe in following.

I invite you to join our journey, to witness the adventures we have and hopefully to learn as we learn. But this life isn't for everyone, some people are happy just to read of the adventures, some are happy to simply have a couple of back yard chickens and raised beds and others find their happiness living in the city center. I would never want anyone to uproot and follow simply because that's what we are doing. Take it from a reformed social chameleon, finding what your true colors are and embracing them is the most beautiful thing.

While I will still have my etsy, Instagram and Facebook pages, my focus will be here. This has become my table, I can choose the settings and what to serve, or not serve here. I will promise you this, in these turbulent times of cancel culture and picking sides, you will never find that here. It's not that I don't have opinions on current events, but it's that I have so much more to offer. And let's be honest, you can scroll through your social media if that's what you are seeking.

My plans are to offer, at minimum, a weekly farm-update, plenty of stunning photography, lots of animal pictures, education on the animals and their care, routine and uses, gardening tips and updates, and finally an abundance of DIY projects. Karen is gearing up for that last one, we've got our starter flock coming in April and they will need a new chicken chateau.

If our journey sounds like something you'd like to get updates on, type your email into the subscribe box. I promise I wont be sending you spammy emails on every holiday or incessant updates about covid, ugh we've all gotten enough of those this year. You'll simply get a email letting you know about the new blog posts and other fun farm happenings.

Thanks for reading along this far and enduring all of my random pop culture GIF's, there's a lot more where they came from ;))

I'll leave you with a thought, what if you picked 1 thing for this upcoming year and fully committed to it? One thing, no matter how big or small, you just decided that's what I am going to make happen...and you did. Not a resolution, but actually manifesting part of your dream. That's what happened to me last year, in the midst of all the craziness that was going on, Karen and I manifested out dream farm. And trust me, if two crazy kids (ok, we're actually kind of old) can make this farm happen, I for sure believe that you can make your dream happen. Just think about it. You've got a whole new year.


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1 Comment

Steph Polochak - Elder Oaks Farm
Steph Polochak - Elder Oaks Farm
Jan 06, 2021

I tried to comment on this when I first read it but I apparently didn’t set my thing up correctly. Anyway, I am SO happy that you’re writing this blog!! I share many of your same sentiments. Looking forward to following your journey!

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