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Farm Update - Week 3

Remember how I said that doing updates on Tuesday would give me time to gather everything and make a good blog post? Well, life took over yesterday and the blog never happened, so here we are today. A day late and a dollar short

If I were to name this past week, based solely on the pictures I took, it would be the one with the good food. Don't get me wrong, we were productive, but there were so many photo worthy meals and treats. Let's dive in!

First we did manage to finish the porch, it's sealed off, has a human sized access in care se need to get back under the house and looks pretty good if you ask me!

Karen also took the push mower and cut a path all the way to the back of the property. Yes, we only have a push mower at this point, which means an abundance of free cardio! Once he had enough of a path cleared out he told me to bring the girls back. They had never been that far back, hell, I had never been that far back!

Being a Texas Mama, I strapped up, put on some boots and we headed back.

Oh did I forget to mention we have a sailboat too? 😂 Treasures abound here on the farm.

We spent the afternoon watching birds, exploring the various deer blinds and finding plants, bones and other surprises. The girls, of course, felt as though they were on some grand adventure, exploring wild lands that hadn't been tamed or cut back. They ask me daily to take them on walks back there. Once they're a little bigger I have no doubt most of their days will be spent playing and having adventures in our untamed woods. But for now, they need an escort. Wyatt Earp, as Karen calls me.

Aside from the fact that I am 100% a Mama bear, there is a myriad of things that could be living back there, and two little LOUD girls, are nothing more than a snack. So yes, I am the crazy gun-toting Mama, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Speaking of those two little ones, they stepped up and learned to make breakfast burritos this week.

This was just as much a lesson for me as it was for them. You see, I'm a little bit of a control freak. It's not that I don't think anyone else can do things, I just know that I can do them better and faster. HA! That came out much worse than in sounded in my head. But you know what I mean. I've been in charge of the cooking for over a decade now. I have it down to a science. And stopping to teach the minions means going from a smooth running machine, to hammering a wheel out of stone.

I figuered 8am might be a little early for a beer, so I grabbed some strong coffee and we jumped in. I put the spinach in the blender, because fast moving blades is something I'm not willing to compromise on yet, but other than that, they did everything!

They also learned to make themselves oatmeal. Could this really mean that a weekend, in the not so distant future, I might get to sleep in and they can make themselves breakfast? That's what I'm shooting for, but by that time we will have animals that need fed, so I'm not going to hold my breath.

Next up on our food adventure is a pie I made for Karen. The girls didn't help on this one, I had finally unpacked the box that held the Barbie's and I didn't hear a peep out of them for the better part of a day.

Karen's favorite dessert would probably be an apple pie. And after the morning we had, he deserved one.

We had ran out of milk the night before, and I decided to get up early and go grocery shopping. And let me preface this by saying it's DARK out here in the morning!

I get up at O'dark:30, make myself coffee, grab everything and head to my truck. And it's not that I'm necessarily scared of the dark. I'm just very aware that I cannot see, and creatures that may be out there CAN see. That unfair advantage puts me on high alert. Every sound is a murder or rabid beast about to eat me. I make it to the truck without being murdered or having a leg ripped off by a werewolf, start it up and head to the gate.

As I'm putting the truck in park, to get out and open the gate, I see a backlit figure moving towards me. I had left the range light on in the kitchen, and all I could make out is a huge shadow moving in front of the windows, heading my way.

The sirens started going off in my head. I was RIGHT, there are murders lurking in the dark waiting to grab me. Out of a habit of being prepared, I reached for my gun and clicked off the safety. Then, a moment of clarity, that huge lumbering shadow kinda looks familiar...Karen? Is that you?

Sure enough, here is my partner, half asleep, shuffling down the driveway. He said, I came to open the gate for you so you didn't have to get out in the cold.

Here he is, being the best husband ever and I'm about to shoot his murderer-looking shadow! And that's why Karen got a pie. I feel like a pie is a good apology for almost shooting someone who was trying to be nice. Although Karen has nerves of steel and didn't even bat an eye when I said, I had my gun and took the saftey off, you shouldn't have came out here like that.

So let's see, we've had backwoods adventures, finished projects and narrowly avoided making it into the papers, I'd say that's a pretty eventful week.

We also got to meet the lady half of the neighbors right next door. We met her husband a couple of weeks ago and he brought us eggs. This time he brought a loaf of sourdough!

Of course I had to make a delicious dinner to pair with the lovely bread. And I finally found the perfect way to cook beef stew in the instant pot! Simple version, you cook the meat for 18min with the pressure sealed, then release the pressure, wipe off the lid and add the veggies for 3 min with the pressure sealed! It came out perfect!

Karen and I ended up taking the neighbors over some soap, after receiving eggs and bread, it would just be rude not to give them something that we make here on the farm.

Speaking of soap, I kicked it into high gear and knocked out six batches this week! They are all cut and curing nicely on the racks.

That was our week, crazy and eventful, yet laid back and chill. I'll leave you with some puppy pictures, remember how I said we had found bones? Well, the girls brought the biggest ones back for the boys to chew.

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